Intellectual Property

Nanotek Instruments and its subsidiaries hold over 220 patents and have authored numerous articles on nanomaterials and advanced energy devices such as batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells. A select few of these publications are listed below.

Nanotek Instruments holds the world’s first patents on:

  • Pristine graphene and various graphene composites
  • Graphene-containing anodes and cathodes
  • Graphene-based supercapacitors

Patent Numbers & Titles:

  1. 8,226,801 Mass production of pristine nano graphene materials
  2. 8,222,190 Nano graphene-modified lubricant
  3. 8,216,541 Process for producing dispersible and conductive nano graphene platelets from non-oxidized graphitic materials
  4. 8,202,669 Electro-catalyst compositions for fuel cells
  5. 8,158,282 Method of producing prelithiated anodes for secondary lithium ion batteries
  6. 8,132,746 Low-temperature method of producing nano-scaled graphene platelets and their nanocomposites
  7. 8,119,288 Hybrid anode compositions for lithium ion batteries
  8. 8,114,375 Process for producing dispersible nano graphene platelets from oxidized graphite
  9. 8,114,373 Method of producing nano-scaled graphene and inorganic platelets and their nanocomposites
  10. 7,999,027 Pristine nano graphene-modified tires
  11. 7,993,780 Process for producing carbon anode compositions for lithium ion batteries
  12. 7,948,739 Graphite-carbon composite electrode for supercapacitors
  13. 7,892,514 Method of producing nano-scaled graphene and inorganic platelets and their nanocomposites
  14. 7,887,927 Highly conductive, multi-layer composite precursor composition to fuel cell flow field plate or bipolar plate
  15. 7,875,219 Process for producing nano-scaled graphene platelet nanocomposite electrodes for supercapacitors
  16. 7,824,651 Method of producing exfoliated graphite, flexible graphite, and nano-scaled graphene platelets
  17. 7,790,285 Nano-scaled graphene platelets with a high length-to-width aspect ratio
  18. 7,785,498 Method of producing conducting polymer-transition metal electro-catalyst composition and electrodes for fuel cells
  19. 7,785,492 Mass production of nano-scaled platelets and products
  20. 7,758,783 Continious production of exfoliated graphite composite compositions and flow field plates
  21. 7,745,047 Nano graphene platelet-base composite anode compositions for lithium ion batteries
  22. 7,662,321 Nano-scaled graphene plate-reinforced composite materials and method of producing same
  23. 7,623,340 Nano-scaled graphene plate nanocomposites for supercapacitor electrodes
  24. 7,566,410 Highly conductive nano-scaled graphene plate nanocomposites
  25. 7,186,474 Nanocomposite compositions for hydrogen storage and methods for supplying hydrogen to fuel cells
  26. 7,071,258 Nano-scaled graphene plates