Si-Anode Technology for Li-ion Batteries

Nanotek’s Si-Anode technology for Li-ion batteries is a patent-protected innovative platform technology for the design and fabrication of cost-effective, high-capacity, and high rate capable anode materials for Li-ion batteries. Developed with the support of DOE SBIR Phase I and II grants, this technology avoids the major pit-falls normally associated with silicon anodes by utilizing a novel graphene encapsulation technique.

Nanotek Instruments holds the world’s first patent for the production of nano-graphene plates (NGP) and this knowledge has been leveraged into our graphene-based Si anode technology.


  • High capacities:  Up to 2,000 mAh/g versus 300-360 mAh/g for commercial graphite materials
  • Good rate and cycle performance due to the 2-D nano geometry and superior electrical conductivity of graphene
  • Low first cycle irreversible capacity losses
  • Allows fabrication of Li-ion batteries with over 400 Wh/kg when paired with suitable cathodes and electrolytes


  • High power density lithium-ion batteries for EV, HEV, PHEV, electric toys, power tools, electric bicycles, and light EVs
  • High energy density lithium-ion batteries for 3G/4G cell phones, laptops, tablets, MP4 players, digital cameras, and other microelectronic devices
  • High volume density, super-thin lithium-ion batteries

Si-Anode Technology for Li-ion Batteries

Our silicon anode materials may be purchased through our sister company’s site labeled under the NANO GCA product line. Please click here to proceed to Angstron Materials’ web site.